Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Tragedy of Marlene Olive

Have you heard of the tragedy of Marlene Olive? Probably not. The story of this girl, who had her boyfriend murder her parents in 1975, has been overshadowed by other “true crime” stories, like the Charles Manson family, OJ Simpson, the Menendez Brothers, and Ted Bundy. But her story is no less compelling and is detailed in Richard M. Levine’s 1982 book Bad Blood. Recently it was the subject of a short play starring actress Jessica Campbell (pictured here; I have never seen a picture of the real Marlene but she looks like her based on descriptions I have read).

Marlene was still an infant when she was adopted by a middle aged couple, Jim and Naomi Olive, in 1959 in Norfolk, VA. Jim was a successful businessman who had married Naomi, a local beauty, some ten years before. After realizing they couldn’t have a child, they adopted Marlene. In time, however, Naomi had started drinking and possibly developing a mental illness, meaning she would never be the mother Marlene needed. Jim moved the family to Ecuador in the early 60s, becoming an executive for an oil company. The family lived in luxury in Ecuador for the next decade. Marlene was a good little girl for the most part, who often retreated into her own fantasy world due to her mother’s drinking. When she was 13, however, her father lost his job and announced they would be moving to affluent Marin County, California, to start over again. Marlene was terrified, because she had led a sheltered childhood, and to her America meant one thing: drugs.

And indeed, California in 1973 was quite a culture shock for the 14-year-old girl. At first shy, she soon plunged into a teenage world centered on hard rock, drugs (marijuana, cocaine, and LSD), premarital sex, and the occult. She ran with a “fast” group of girls, some of whom were into Satanism, skipping school to have abortions or go to concerts, or even going out with (gasp) black guys. Marlene dove right in, telling friends she was a member of the Church of Satan in nearby San Francisco, that she had been in a porno movie in South America, and that her father controlled the Ecuadorian drug trade. Although slightly overweight, she dressed, quite frankly, like a streetwalker: platform shoes, tons of makeup, multi-colored hair and nails, revealing tops, tight short skirts, etc. An extremely short pair of Daisy Duke shorts particularly infuriated her mother. She gained a reputation at school as being “loose.” All the while she continued to fight with her mother, whose own drinking had accelerated; her father was too busy trying to establish his own business to truly intervene.

In October 1974 she met Chuck Riley, and things really began to accelerate. Riley was a 19-year-old high school dropout, an overweight ne’er-do-well who had become the top drug dealer to all the teens. He had never had a girlfriend, and his friends ribbed him for it. When he met Marlene, he fell head over heels in love with her. After spurning his clumsy advances for several months, she gave in and agreed to be his girlfriend; in the naïve Chuck, she saw a blank canvas on which to indulge her darker fantasies. She encouraged him to take explicit photos of her which she claimed she was going to send in to Penthouse; she made him dress up in a leather mask and whip her; once she even urinated in his face in front of her friends. All the while Chuck continued to be infatuated with her, supplying her with free dope and insisting he would be her slave.

Chuck’s friends noticed he had changed; he was no longer upbeat and eager to please. Now he was short-tempered, carried around weapons, and had begun ripping people off in his drug dealings. Under Marlene’s tutelage, he also lost weight and started to dress in a more hip manner. However, his talk of the occult (spurned on by her) distressed his friends. She was his first girlfriend, and he began overdoing everything.

Soon enough, Marlene began telling him she wanted her parents dead. Her mother was a virtual zombie by this point, locked in her room drinking all day and screaming at her daughter to stop dressing like a whore. Although Marlene loved her father, she had grown tired of waiting for him to “do something” about her mother and pay more attention to her. Marlene began pleading with Chuck to find a hit man, or to do it himself. Her grades in school slipped in the spring of 1975, and she went to an alternate school as a last-ditch effort, but when the grades slipped there, Mr. Olive decided he was going to send his daughter away the next year. The fact that Chuck and Marlene had gotten arrested at the mall on March 26, 1975 for shoplifting didn’t help matters either. They were both awaiting trial for this, and her parents forbade her from seeing him ever again. In clandestine phone calls, Marlene hinted to Chuck that if he killed her father, he could have access to “mountains of snow” from his supposed South American drug connections, and they would be rich…not to mention married. It came to a point of "do it or I'll break up with you."

Finally, on the first day of summer, June 21, 1975, Chuck woke up and dropped acid. Spaced out to the point of barely being able to walk, he borrowed a gun from a friend and proceeded to walk through Terra Linda until he came to the Olive house. Marlene and her father had left momentarily, out to the mall to pay a girl back for some drugs (real class!) Chuck walked into the house and discovered a hammer. Going into Mrs. Olive’s bedroom, he found the woman asleep in bed in a drunken stupor. Still high on acid, he struck her in the head repeatedly with the hammer while bright red blood spurted everywhere. The poor woman was not quite dead; she started to make a sick gurgling sound, choking on her own blood and shards of skull with a golfball-sized hole in her head. Just then, the sound of screeching tires! Mr. Olive entered the house and saw Chuck trying to hide behind a setee. Realizing the drug dealer had just murdered his wife, the older man picked up a knife and lunged at Chuck, who shot him about six times nearly point blank. Jim Olive died instantly at the age of 59, and a few minutes later Naomi finally took her last savage breaths.

Marlene and Chuck sprang into action, cleaning up the crime scene (but carefully saving the victims' credit cards) and loading the bodies into the family station wagon. They drove out to China Camp, a local badlands of sorts frequented by hunters, and cremated the bodies in a cistern. (A fireman the next morning, called to put out the fire, wrote in his report that some idiot had nearly burned the woods down trying to “roast a deer”!) For a week or so, no one suspected anything; the two teens used the deceased couple’s credit cards and lived it up; they hung out with friends and did tons of drugs; and even attended a Yes concert. Soon, however, Mr. Olive’s business partner became suspicious of Mr. Olive’s continued absence from work, and he called the police, who found a house in disarray and some suspicious blood stains on the floor.

For the next day or so, Marlene was interrogated, and the canny girl kept spinning apocryphal tales: her father killed her mother and fled, or her mother killed her father and fled, or the two of them were on vacation at Lake Tahoe. She even told the truth, which the officers dismissed as the least credible story of all! Finally, however, she gained the trust of one of the officers, who came to believe it. Chuck was arrested at his new job at a waterbeds store and confessed immediately, adding that Marlene made him do it, that she would break up with him or kill him or harm him through her “witchcraft” if he didn’t drop the hammer! The so-called “deer bones” were re-examined by forensics experts and found to be the charred remains of a man and a woman.

Both Chuck and Marlene were charged with homicide, he as an adult, and she as a juvenile. Chuck pled insanity (owing to the LSD plus being under his girlfriend’s demonic “spell”), but the jury didn’t buy it. By the end of 1975, the 21-year-old was sentenced to be put to death. Marlene was sentenced to two years at a juvenile prison; although she didn’t physically kill her parents, in the eyes of the law she was just as guilty as an accessory. (Interestingly, several theories hold that Marlene killed her mother while Chuck killed her father, but under hypnosis, Chuck recounted beating Mrs. Olive with the hammer, and chronologically, Marlene would have had to assault her mother before heading to the mall with her father—but she wouldn’t have had time to clean the blood off her clothes, and the older woman wouldn’t have lived for one or two hours so battered.)

So what happened to this tragic duo? In 1978, Chuck’s death sentence at San Quentin was commuted to life imprisonment, and he was sent to a lower security prison, where he remains to this day. I believe he is up for parole soon, but the 51-year-old will probably not get it, having spent thirty years in prison for a crime that shouldn’t have happened. To his credit, he has been drug free for years and is active in many prison programs. For her part, Marlene got out of juvenile prison after two years and hit the streets as a prostitute and drug dealer. A year or two ago she was in the headlines again for passing a bad check. Now about 46, she has still not entirely escaped her black past. For everyone involved, the story is a tragedy, with no real winners. The moral seems to be threefold: 1) Stay away from drugs and excessive alcohol usage; 2) Get help if you or a family member is mentally ill; and 3) Don’t become too infatuated with anyone in a relationship.


Anonymous Lucky said...

I read Levine’s book in the early eighties. thanks for the update on the glitter queen...
Think she still has a thing for butterflies and bowie deep in her heart?

2:51 PM  
Blogger Raymond Dovetail said...

Thanks, Lucky...I only wish there was more to say about them today. Every so often I google their names "just in case."

Re: butterflies: probably (didn't she put a butterfly tattoo on her thigh?)
Bowie: once a fan, always a fan, right? Well, maybe she jumped ship after the whole 1983 Let's Dance era. ;-)

9:53 PM  
Blogger nenzina said...

Who is the picture of? Is that Marlene? I read the Levine book also, and always wondered what happened to Marlene. I heard about the bad check incident. Is she incarcerated? Any current pictures of her?

7:39 PM  
Blogger nenzina said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

7:41 PM  
Blogger Raymond Dovetail said...


That pic is not really Marlene. Sorry if I mislead anyone! It's an actress who played her in a stage production, and we can only assume that it looks kind of like the real M.O. Sorry, don't have the name of the actress available. To be honest, I've never seen a photograph of the real Marlene (or of Chuck). I don't know if she was incarcerated due to the bad check incident.

5:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe Marlene was last busted in Bakersfield California (a few years ago). I have an old newspaper clipping of Chuck that I was able to dig up from the Marin County Library (printed from a microfiche). I also have actual pics and letters of Chuck dated 1994. Don't know what he's up to now or what he looks like. As for Marlene, I'll look at some more microfiche from that era to see if I had missed anything.

11:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot to add; Chuck's last letter stated that Oscar (his father), sadly passed in 1994 in Sonoma.

11:33 PM  
Anonymous Mark said...

This case is something that comes up in my ind every once in a while. I grew up in Terra Linda, and was about 6 when this happened. I really think this affected the whole community in a way that determined the way we were raised. It was almost as if parents were afraid that they would turn their own children into Marlene and Chuck. We had a lot of freedom, which can't be totally attributed to the murders, but also the time we grew up. It was the end of innocence in a VERY sheltered community. There was so much I didn't understand until I left TL.

3:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i went to school with rocko(chuck) riley and his brother Kerry. i graduated early from san rafael high but came back for the june grad ceremony. i heard about the murders and was shown the blackened area near china camp where they burned the bodies when i came back for visit later that summer. it really freaked me out.

6:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a website in Dutch (I believe) that has a couple of drawings done by Marlene.

1:48 PM  
Blogger Bitte Assarmo said...

I read Levine's book when it was first released, and I remember reading quite a lot in the papers when it all happened. I am about the same age as Marlene. So yes I have heard about Marlene and Chuck, and it is true their story has been shadowed by other similar murder tragedies. But frankly I think there is a huge inflation of these things, and the story of Marlene Olive is no more or less interesting than all other tragedies of this sort. I feel sorry for all involved, but I really have no desire to know anything about these assholes anymore. There was a time when I was really interested in these stories but I guess I'm just too old to be shocked anymore. I'm quite relieved that there are least a few sickos that don't get attention anymore, to tell you the truth.

Well, they obviously do, considering that there has been a stage play. But I would assume Marlene did not look like the girl in the picture. She doesn't have the right look I'm afraid - not the '70s at all. I'd say she looks like a '90s natural born killer wannabe, which no one really did 30 years ago.

12:23 PM  
Anonymous jeff said...

I read the book in the early 80's. Extremely fascinating. I wound up around San Francisco in the late 80's and always wanted to visit the area where the murder happened, but never did. Great writing really pulls you into a story, Thanks Richard!

10:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the picture does look a little bit like Marlene (at the time of course... i haven't seen her in 30 years).
it pains me somewhat to see her 'glorified' in this way. her background may have been confused and confusing, but she was a major league manipulator and nothing she ever said could be taken at face value.
i don't know where she is today, but this story doesn't give all the details of her incarceration. she escaped after doing only a year and a half of her two year sentence, and if i remember correctly she was picked up in NYC six months later and returned to California, where she only had to complete the final six months of the original sentence (no additional time for the escape!).
that was when i lost touch with her, although i did speak to Chuck just about a year ago.

2:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just finished the book (1/27/08) which i had purchased at a local thrift store. I was interested to see if there was anything available on the net, and found a Marlene McCarty artist in New York. the website has a drawing titled something like Marlene Olive - 1981. It appears to be the same person by all desriptions, a talented artist, but it's very disturbing to think that she is now a teacher!

4:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marlene McCarty ISN'T Marlene Olive! If you do a research on "Marlene McCarty", one will see that Mrs. McCarty was studying for her degree in the Arts when the murder case occurred back in 1975 while Marlene Olive was still in high school in Marin County. By the way, Raymond Dovetail, my bestfriend & I want to know what's the name of the movie of Marlene Olive. We've searched for the movie "Bad Blood a Family Murder in Marin County" or "The Tragedy of Marlene Olive" and have not found a movie on it. If you do know, please tell us so I can rent the movie. Thanks!

7:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I grew up 10 houses down Hibiscus Way from the Olives. I was 9 years old when the murders happened. My sister is the same age as Marlene and she always remembered her to be a solitary, very quiet and strange girl who didn't have any friends. She used to sit on her front lawn dressed all in black with her hair hanging in her face and putting spells on all of us kids that rode our bikes past her. She would also tell us that she cursed the neighborhood. I remember the day all the news stations were out in front of the house with camera's and asking all of us questions about the family. My parents did not make any changes in how we were brought up or sheltered like the other poster Mark mentioned. It was just a horrible thing that happened in our town.

8:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, all, Raymond Dovetail here (May 4, 2008). I no longer blog here (hence I'm signed on as anonymous since I don't remember my password)...but I still occasionally come to this particular blog posting to see the new comments and I'm very happy people still read it and that it's so high on google (in fact #1 for "Marlene Olive"). My apologies to anyone who thinks I've "glorified" the case...until I make a red cent off it, I just don't think I have. ;-) Seriously, though, thank you to all who've provided updates and/or personal anecdotes. For the record, I don't think a movie/TV film has ever been made of the case. The actress in the picture was from some stage play I googled 2 1/2 years ago and I really don't have any more info on her or the play itself.

10:22 PM  
Blogger dela said...

This actress does look alot like Marlene. I knew her in highschool-although not to the extent of some of the things was just different with us. I spent a few weeks in juvenile hall with her that summer too...

12:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

she had been to my house and was a friend of my sister. Could you believe a demon spirit guided these actions? Crazy times in Cali.

2:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i live in san rafael and go to china camp often thats creepy

2:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Marin IJ reported today July 5, 2008 that the boyfriend was once again denied parole and that Marlene was given 7 years in 2003 for writing a bad check.

I was raised in the Terra Linda area and my parents paid little attention to the whole incident.

5:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Terry, and I too have been struck by the strange events that led to Marlene Olive convincing Chuck to commit murders for her.
I read the Levine book back in the early 90s, and actually wrote to Chuck and received a reply back then.
I too wish there were pictures of them somewhere on the web, but have never found any.

BTW, the actress above is named Jessica Campbell. Someone earlier commented that she looked like Marlene and someone else agreed but said she looked too 90s.
Well, here she is in character in the story and looking 70s 'ish...and probably more like Marlene did.

9:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Terry here again. Here is a link to the actress that portrayed Marlene...Jessica Campbell.

10:16 PM  
Blogger Kathy said...

I went to high school with Chuck Riley I was 2 years older I remember him as funny nice kid, just a bit of an outcast as he was chubby and not very popular. I have my old yearbook from 1971 which has his picture, he was not pictured in 1972 when I graduated. San sad story. I lived in Terra Linda from 1960 to 1986 and loved it my mom is still in the same house we bought in 1960right next to the high school. I was just there to visit. I still love the place.

3:40 PM  
Anonymous Patrini said...

I am a little relieved to see other people have been somewhat fascinated by this story. I read this story in the early 90's while living in San Jose and I had to go and check out all the places listed like the pathways and even her house. I guess it just baffled my brain that these two could come up with something so crazy. I too was dying to see a picture of both of them and went to some lengths to see year book pics but just go busy. I thought Chuck was at the Mens Colony in San Luis Obispo? Is he still incarcerated?

9:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was a pretty accurate telling of the story from what I remember. I should mention that the level of his drug dealing seems pretty exagerated. Very low volume, and very low quality. He certainly wasn't making any real money at it. I knew Chuck and his brother Kerry quite well, but I only met Marlene a few times. A good friend of mine lived around the corner from the Rileys on Corrillo Dr., and we used to hang out with both the Riley brothers from time to time. At the time that I knew them best, they were both very normal, nice suburban kids. The last time that I saw Chuck, he came up to Lake Tahoe with a couple of other friends to go goof around in the snow. Once we got up there, another friend told me that he had wanted Chuck to come up to get him away from the "crazy bitch" girlfriend of his. He then proceeded to tell me all the ways that she was manipulating him and about the occult stuff. I never talked to Chuck about it, and we had a great time in Tahoe. It wasn't long after that that I learned about his arrest. I just couldn't beleive that the very mellow, shy, overweight, pot-smoking kid that I knew could have done what he did. I never saw him after the murders, but I did talk to him for a second just a couple of years after he went to Prison. Somehow, he had access to a HAM radio inside of San Quentin prison. A mutual friend had pre-arranged a time to talk to Chuck over another friend's radio. All I can remember is that Chuck said something about taking some kind of classes. All of his friends and family were deeply shocked that he initially got the death sentence, and Marlene had gotten a relative "slap on the wrist!" Chuck had never had any other girl give him the time of day, much less have sex with him, he was literally in her thrall. It is a very very sad story...

7:52 AM  
Blogger fwatkins6 said...

I think your story is a bit exaggerated. I went to school with them, and I was definitely around the front of the school. Chuck was a wanna-be greaser who hung out with a crowd that were inconsequential.

2:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Classmate in Ecuador
I sat next to Marlene day after day in the 5th or 6th grade....a neglected child at the time in some ways i believe. She was very quiet and always had a strand of hair in her mouth. She seemed sad all the time and withdrawn. I would have never anticipated something like this!

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is one of the saddest cases I've read about -- and I'm in law enforcement! I still believe, though, that Marlene killed her mother. Too much rage in that attack for Chuck to have done it.

2:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went to high school with Marlene and Chuck (who was indeed the local marijuana dealer) and was present at Chuck's trial on a couple of days - it was commonly believed amongst the friends that knew these two people, that Marlene planned and committed these crimes herself - and she had even admitted to this while she was in the juvenile facility to a friend of ours, though his testimony was not allowed at trial because of his juvenile delinquent status. I also remember meeting and speaking to the attorney who interviewed both Chuck and Marlene, and he swore to me after a couple of drinks that Marlene committed these murders but was never held accountable for them, and an innocent man is in prison now. Chuck's main crime was stupidity, in that he went along with her plans and covered for her. I also heard from a friend of Marlene's family a few years later that when she turned 21 years old, she inherited her parents' money and house (and blew it all immediately) - the family had tried to fight it but lost - it's unfortunate that she wasn't tried as an adult, as it seems she actually benefitted from her crimes. Of those of us who actually knew these two people, no one ever thought that Chuck committed these murders, and believed that Marlene had a hand in them not only as the mastermind, but as the actual perpetrator. I hope that Chuck gets released on parole one day and that he does something good with the rest of the life he has left.

5:50 PM  
Blogger Barbara said...

I too have always gotten the creeps thinking about how this happened in the ideal place to live in America.I was Chuck's next door neighbor. He was sweet, friendly, and neighborly when he offered to help me move in bringing in boxes etc. He was the kind of guy that you could read..He was overweight, shy, and seemingly wanting to be loved by a woman. You could just sense this in him. After him for months looking sweet and friendly, I noticed he started wearing black clothes, and he looked strange,looking occultish. Head down, like he was walking in someone elses' shoes. I kept thinking, Chuck's strung out on something and it isn't good. Then, one day Oscar is father said to me, Chuck's been arrested. I was shocked. Then I read the paper and couldn't believe my sweet next door neighbor was a killer? It didn't make sense, except my gut feeling was that is desperation to have sex/love allowed him to be hypnotized by this girl, Marlene. I saw her from my door, once at his house.She looked like the devil/witch that she was. You could see it her aura..Oscar Riley then, asked me if I would go to visit Chuck at jail while he was arrested. I went with a friend and he was in court. I nodded and said, good luck, and I am sorry. What else can you say? I moved away shortly afterwards because I didn't like the memory.It affected my the rest of my life. I felt that I was never safe anywhere. My son had played in the street,pogo-ing,baseball,etc.I never locked doors during day. Never did I worry in that neighborhood, until this happened. It spoiled my love peace attitude of the 60's. After, this I moved away and never wanted anything to do with drugs or anyone who wasn't mainstream, straight.Drugs had ruined so many people.Drugs weakened Chuck because he was already insecure, lacking in confidence with females. Drugs I believe are harmful and can turn the best into crime. This has been example I have preached this to my daughters for the last 10 years. No one wants to hear this gross story. For years after this crime, I told no one because it is so depressing and sinister. It is a downer so I blocked it out of my mine. I haven't been back to my house next to Chuck's since 1975. I think I can go back now. I feel like crying now for Chuck, his nice mother and dad, brother, and everyone else who felt pain from this crime.. God Bless Chuck and everyone affected by this..

10:17 PM  
Anonymous Christine said...

Marlene had friends, at least one - she was my good friend in the ninth grade, (the year before she killed her parents, or Chuck did, whatever.) However, I, too, was part of the "inconsequential" group that hung out in the front of the school. *snerk!* Oh well, it was what it was. In 2000, I found the book, Bad Blood, in my little podunk town, on my public library shelf, 3,000 miles away from where it happened and this man was writing about MY life! Not literally, of course, I'm not Marlene, (I'd sure love to find her, though), and I sat all night long, reading that book, unable to put it down. It had one weird effect, though, I finally understood my own father and what made him tick. Weird, huh? My parents sent me away to private school for my, (and Marlene's) 10th grade year and had to move away themselves. I've never been back. Mom wouldn't send me any newspaper clippings, which she was getting from a neighbor in TL, "because she was afraid I'd do the same thing"!! I just found that out a few years ago, too. But yes, Marlene did have at least one friend, inconsequential as I may have been at the time. (Oh, and the library still hates me, because they never got their book back... Never will, either!)

10:55 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know this is a very old post, but it came up high on the search results so I'm going to guess it will get a lot of traffic from people searching for updates on this story.

I feel horrible for Marlene and wonder if she ever googles herself.

She's not alone.

Adoptees killing emotionally abusive adoptive parents is unfortunately very common.

Marlene and I are just about the exact same age. We were both adopted as infants. And I as well had an alcoholic adoptive mother and an adoptive father I adored, but who was ineffective and in denial about her drinking.

I could have been her.

It was something I thought about.

8:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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I did not know Chuck or Marlene. They were about 5-10 years older than me. But I did live on Hibiscus at the other end of the block. I later bought my own home one street over on Hickory. My friend's older siblings knew Chuck pretty well. They ran in the same crowd in Terra Linda.

The book was OK but I thought they dramatized it quite a bit. It was not the Terra Linda I knew, nor my older brothers. It made it sound like all high school kids there were zonked on drugs and alienated from their rich parents. Some might have been but most families were just average families like anywhere.

I have met Kerry. He camps at the same lake that my family camped at. One day my sister was sitting on the beach reading Bad Blood. Kerry walked up to her and asked her about the book. She loves true crime books and said it was amazing and told him that we had lived down the street. He then said, well, Chuck is my brother. Talk about strange. Not him. Just the coincidence. He was a very nice guy and over the next few years we saw him all the time. It has been a few years but he was a really nice guy. I am not sure he still goes there, Le Trianon Resort at Blue Lakes, CA. about 2 hours north of Terra Linda. We bought a lakehouse at the other end of the lake so do not hang out at the campsite or that beach anymore. But, Kerry was really nice and I wish him well. I, too, think Marlene was more involved and Chuck took the fall out of some weird devotion at the time. I hear he has recanted being the killer and that has kept him from being parolled. Not sure if that is true. Just heard it here and there.

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WOW ! ! !
Sometimes I find it difficult to believe that people can be so inept & self-deceiving.
Mr. Raymond Dovetail, let’s start off with your 3-fold moral stance via the Riley-Olive story. 1, 2 & 3 are all just words to the ignorant. Yet for someone within such a circle as they, all three are “lifestyle”.
1) How to tell people to “stay away from drugs” when the government & even Hillary Clinton promote & require children to take the mind altering Narcs. Side note –Look up all the school shootings like Columbine (sp). You will find each & every was on some Narc.
2) “Get help if you or a family member is mentally ill”? What is the definition here??? Being different? Strange because you are not like me? OK –If someone is breaking the law, yea, perhaps help is called into play. Yet why is this family member doing this wrong? Example –Yell @ or kick the little dog & when the dog grows up, nice doggy? NOT. So to the point –Parents have the authority & therefore the responsibility to raise their own children. Not you. Not me. Not the school system. And definitely not the government. Yet today, everyone has an excuse & no one is at fault. I mean “illegals” are not even considered illegal anymore!
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Mr. Dovetail, the truth cuts. Almost all run from it. Few kill to stay out of it.

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WOW ! ! !
Sometimes I find it difficult to believe that people can be so inept & self-deceiving.
Mr. Raymond Dovetail, let’s start off with your 3-fold moral stance via the Riley-Olive story. 1, 2 & 3 are all just words to the ignorant. Yet for someone within such a circle as they, all three are “lifestyle”.
1) How to tell people to “stay away from drugs” when the government & even Hillary Clinton promote & require children to take the mind altering Narcs. Side note –Look up all the school shootings like Columbine (sp). You will find each & every was on some Narc.
2) “Get help if you or a family member is mentally ill”? What is the definition here??? Being different? Strange because you are not like me? OK –If someone is breaking the law, yea, perhaps help is called into play. Yet why is this family member doing this wrong? Example –Yell @ or kick the little dog & when the dog grows up, nice doggy? NOT. So to the point –Parents have the authority & therefore the responsibility to raise their own children. Not you. Not me. Not the school system. And definitely not the government. Yet today, everyone has an excuse & no one is at fault. I mean “illegals” are not even considered illegal anymore!
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Mr. Dovetail, the truth cuts. Almost all run from it. Few kill to stay out of it.

4:27 AM  
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Mr. Dovetail, the truth cuts. Almost all run from it. Few kill to stay out of it.
Mr. Dovetail, I do not know who you are. I grew up with Chuck & his brother whose name I will leave out of this intel just because I do not diss. We rode motor bikes together at the railroad track & @ Quail Hill & @ the once wide open Civic Center area & even up to the Nike Site above Scabo. I slept in his (parents) house & held their pet rabbits in the back yard. We’d go to the local Deli inbetween the Long’s & Lucky stores. We were/are friends.
Perhaps I should have written the book. Perhaps. Yet I did not because once one is complete with High School, the future needs to be grabbed. I went on to University & trauma surgery. My following studies were/are along the line of “life”. What is life & why. I saw too much in the emergency room (ER) to not be influenced with such a Q. There were other events up to my leaving H.S. that pointed me in the what is life direction, & my friend who turned against & took life was just one. Yet Mr. Dovetail, I do not have a way not the time to explain to you here what has taken me a lifetime of study. The soul is deep –VERY deep. A sphere with no bottom within it. A depth once mastered only reveals a greater depth. Life IS precious, Mr. Dovetail. And by precious I mean there can be no value placed upon it. None.
So with all of this, am I saying Chuck is inocent? No. I looked him in the eye & he me @ his trial. What I can tell you, Mr. Dovetail, & what I can tell all the people who look into this matter is this –Chuck was influenced. Chuck did not have control over his own soul & therefore Chuck did not have control over his own mind & body. He never learned such control & he apparently had given such control over to Marlene & whatever had control over her at that time. I’d stake all on this.
Marlene should have been tried as an adult. A couple hundred years ago & all the way back in time, she would have been burned at the stake. Yet today, parents allow their children to dable in spiritual laws they know nothing about. And they celebrate death as if it is some game. Like I said, almost all refuse to see the truth, even when it looks em in the eye.

4:28 AM  
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I can't believe this is the #1 article which comes up when you google this case. All the info is basically taken from the Bad Blood book. "Get help if you are mentally ill."

5:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well i just found out that my friend is marlene olive! she is nothing like i have read! no she has never told me of her parents murder but only of her recent past! she also has no clue that i know and i will keep it that way until she tells me herself maybe never!

7:39 AM  
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for those that really want to know where this bitch is, the last known place as of yesterday she was at 357 plymouth in bakersfield,(well oildale) pretty sure that is the house number, but it is directly in back of pacific tire shop on roberts lane. again MARLENE MURDERER OLIVE IS IN OILDALE CALIFORNIA.

4:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

as u can see miss marlene isnt liked as an individual not only by people who read the book but by people who knew her as well... I would like to think that this would make a person want to take a look at themself and realize that there is something seriously wrong with them... shes had plenty of time to change and just blatantly chooses not to.. i dont feel one bit sorry for her.. those of you who have never seen her, count yourselves as blessed. this woman is sinfully ugly and disgustingly sloppy. her involvement with the occult is just a wannabe follower tryin to play bigshot.. let me add she is by far no bigshot whatsoever. shes not finished with her acts of death either.. how she manipulates these men is just horrifying even to the point of convincing her so called boyfriend to kill his mother... this woman should be put in the middle of the town where all can watch her be stoned to the verge of dying and then burned to death herself

8:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't know how old this blog is but Marlene now goes by a different name and actually has a facebook page. She is in college in Bakersfield, CA. Think she completed one degree and is working on another

4:46 PM  
Blogger sdeboard said...

has anyone ever found out anything else about this? i just got finished reading the book and i felt sorry for chuck. i have a boyfriend that i care about and i would never do anything like that to mine i hope he get's out soon.

12:17 AM  
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Let her live her life without having to worry about people such as yourself.

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